10 musical resolutions for 2017

10 musical resolutions for 2017

The end of year celebrations are over, and despite your hangover, it is time to start working on your resolutions for 2017. To help you out, we listed a few ideas related to music, in order not to fall into the usual cliche of unrealizable resolutions !

  1. Back to Basics

Having bad routine can be unhealthy.?It’s a bit like bad driving habits, you know how to play the instrument, but you’re neglecting some basic rules.?Good technique is essential for progress: as a boxer jumps rope and hits pads, the musician works his fingers and scales.

  1. Clean and polish?

We all know too perfectly well, that often after a long rehearsal or a grueling concert we tend to leave our instruments in their case forgetting to clean them. Only to be greeted, upon opening the case several days later, by oxidized strings, and dirt everywhere.?Cleaning your instrument after use takes but a couple minutes and will save you time and money in the long run.

  1. Fear of change

Are your bandmates giving you suspicious looks? Maybe they’re wondering why your tone sounds so dull or even false.?And the reason might very well be because you haven’t changed your strings in more than 6 months.?The solution? Replace your strings, and do it regularly and in time.?Your fingers will thank you and so will your bandmates.?

  1. Punctuality goes a long way.

If you want your rehearsals to be more efficient and productive? Arriving on time would be a good place to start.?Better yet arrive 10 minutes in advance, giving you extra time to tune your instrument, connect your dozen pedals, do your vocalizations, etc …?

  1. Stay curious

So you’ve gotten used to your sound and think it’s pretty awesome.?But isn’t routine the enemy of creativity??The greatest hits in the history of music were often born from innovative minds and spirit.?Experimenting is one of the keys to inspiration and will open up new doors.?Exploring and combining different effects, a different tuning or drum skins are some of the many possibilities to evolve your sound.?

  1. Tolerance for peace

There is no good or bad music, only music played well or played badly.?It is important to look beyond the tip of your nose, in this case your ears, and listen to other styles of music.?You will certainly discover new things, trick, tips or techniques that you can apply to your style.??

  1. Plan ahead

If your band is lucky enough to have its sound mixed well by good sound and light technicians, you’ve soon come to realize that it’s a craft in itself and quality takes work.?It is up to you to help them with a setlist for example.?And for those without a sound or light tech at hand, prepare yourselves to avoid common on-stage disasters.?

  1. Improve your sound

A good goal for the coming year is to improve your sound.?First of all for the sake of your band and secondly for your audience of course. You can do this by limiting the number of sound sources, by opting for?in-ear monitoring systems?for example.?And after just a short adaptation period, you won’t be able to do without!?

  1. And while you’re at it …

Rid yourself of as many cables as possible and consider going wireless.?Less acrobatics, and more freedom.?Current technology has made wireless systems extremely reliable and easy to use.??

  1. Take the time to take your time

And the last resolution of the list: simply slow down, take your time, time to think and be aware of your little faults. Use them to evolve and grow.?But also take time to check and maintain your equipment, take the time to work on your instruments, write lyrics, compose, mix and last but certainly not least, drink with your bandmates!

We wish you a wonderful 2017, full of music and success!??


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